Causes and treatment for leaking heart valve disease

Heart disease

Causes and treatment for leaking heart valve disease

The heart has four chambers, connecting with each other and with the aortic valve. The valve works like the doors, “door” not closing completely is called leaking heart valve disease, “door” not openning wide enough is called stenosis disease. A person can have many valve diseases at the same time, a valve may be both narrowed and stenosis.

Causes and treatment for leaking heart valve disease

Causes and treatment for leaking heart valve disease

Day by day, leaking heart valve disease progresses from mild to severe state, so the heart has to work harder and increase the contract to ensure enough blood to feed the body. Over time, the heart is “expanded” in size but has weak contractions, causing blood stasis and other symptoms to the fatigue human body, shortness of breath, chest pain, edema legs, coughing up blood and fainting … depending on the pathological type and stage of disease. Leaking heart valve disease progression make the patients feel clearly downward or depreciated, have leg fatigue with a little exercise. Rates of heart failure were divided into four levels, level 4 is the most severe, the patient feels tired without having to do anything.

In addition to heart failure, valvular heart disease can lead to complications such as cardiac arrhythmia, pneumonia, pulmonary edema, pulmonary infarction, embolism (brain, limbs, renal, mesenteric …), infectious endocarditis … In this article, we will discuss about the Causes and treatment for leaking heart valve disease

Causes of heart valve disease

These abnormal heart valves can be congenital or acquired by the result of rheumatic fever, infectious endocarditis, degenerative calcium in the elderly, trauma …

Rheumatic heart disease is one of the common causes of heart valve disease. The infection is associated with beta-hemolytic Streptococcus group A. Typically, streptococcal causes infections to the throat, then they attack the heart and “bite” mitral and aortic valves. Greatest risk of Rheumatic heart disease is the dangerous complications, and especially chronic effects. Results are, in the acute phase, Rheumatic heart disease can cause cardiac myocarditis, cardiac arrhythmias … Even worse, it may pose threatening to the life of patients. In the long run it caused heart valve damage, leading to rheumatic valvular heart disease, usually mitral stenosis, leaking aortic valve …

This type streptococcal capsule does not “respect” anyone. All ages can be infected, usually for people from 5 to 15 years old, sometimes younger. However, not all patients with streptococcal infection have rheumatic heart disease. These favorable factors leading to rheumatic heart disease are: the nature of the body, bad hygiene, and inadequate treatment. Currently, the rheumatic heart disease and leaking heart valve disease resulted from rheumatic heart diseases are rarely found in developed countries, but in developing countries such as Vietnam or China, it is still a matter of concern. Another cause is that the infectious endocarditis may be acute or subacute that may tear the valve, peel off the valve seat, creating a large piece at the edge of the valve … making the valve to shrink and cause the leakage.

How to test heart valve to evaluate your health

To diagnose and evaluate the disease condition, you will need to ask your doctor to test heart valve for you. He will check the medical history, physical examination and necessary tests such as: chest X-rays to determine the size of the heart and the heart chambers, pulmonary assessment, blood flow to the Lung said … EKG detects changes in the electrical conduction activity of the heart, helps determine the frequency of abnormal heart rate and heart size …

Echocardiography is a useful method to test heart valve and evaluate the lesions of the heart. It will reveal your cardiac function, provide information about heart valves and valve parts. The need to facilitate the blood flow is prescribed if necessary because this technique helps to see the blood vessels, measuring pressure in the heart chambers, evaluating the coronary heart system which is the vascular system that feeds the heart. If patients have severe coronary artery stenosis lesions, your doctor may perform surgery to bypass the coronary vessel and replace your heart valve.

Drugs treatment for leaking heart valve disease

With mild valvular heart disease that has not caused any symptom, we will need to monitor regularly. More severe disease can have symptoms of heart failure, drugs for heart valve therapy may be required. Drugs can only slow down the progression of the disease but cannot cure it.However we should not worry too much because nowadays drugs can keep patients stable for many years.

treatment for leaking heart valve disease

treatment for leaking heart valve disease

Nevertheless, in bad cases, when medications can no longer control the situation, the disease will progress and the patients must need surgery. Based on age, medical history, the cause of disease, lifestyle, body’s ability to tolerate anticoagulant, the doctor will recommend the best “dissecting” methods for the treatment for leaking heart valve disease. This dissecting method is called leaking heart valve surgery and it is explained in the following section

Leaking heart valve surgery

If changing the lifestyle and taking drugs in the treatment for leaking heart valve disease is not satisfactory, leaking heart valve surgery may be adopted

Heart valve disease surgery is treated in three ways: the dilatation balloon valve stenosis (Balloon valvuloplasty); heart valve injury is surgically repaired (Heart valve repair surgery), “patch up” again; and valvular heart “damage” be replaced with artificial heart valves (heart valve replacement surgery).

Balloon valvuloplasty

Balloon valvuloplasty is often used to relieve stenosis of mitral stenosis. This rarely applies to aortic valve stenosis because it is less effective and potentially splash calcium deposits in the valve into the blood flow, it will be very dangerous if the vessel is blocked.

Heart valve repair surgery

Heart valve repair surgery is often used for mitral valve than the aortic valve, particularly in cleft mitral valve disease. The advantage of valve repair method is that the patient does not have to carry with artificial heart valve, hence he does not need long-term oral anticoagulants. For women, the lack of oral anticoagulants helps them safer during pregnancy and childbirth.

Heart valve replacement surgery

Heart valve replacement surgery is applied to the case of heavy damage to valves, doctor is not able to repair the valve. There are two types of artificial heart valves: mechanical valves and biological valves. Mechanical valves are made from carbon, metal and synthetic materials.

It requires patients to take anticoagulants for life to “dilute” the blood to prevent the valve from being immobilized due to blood clots. Biological heart valves are made from pig’s, cow’s, or donor’s heart valves. It cannot be used for very long time compared to mechanical valves, but patients need not take anticoagulants.

Natural treatment for heart valve disease people

There are a lot of natural methods can be applied in the treatment for heart valve disease people. It is the best that these people apply ALL of the following lifestyle to get the optimum effect.

Treatment for heart valve disease

Treatment for heart valve disease

– Living in moderation, avoid strenuous activity.

– Blood pressure checked and hypertension (if any) treated regularly because high blood pressure makes the heart more strenuous.

– Eat less salt: salt intake increases fluid retention, high blood pressure and thus increase its workload.

– Do not drink alcohol, coffee: alcohol and coffee can cause more serious heart rhythm disturbances.

– Avoid overweight to reduce workload when contractions.

– Exercise regularly: to help increase physical activity. How long and how the intensity depends on the tolerance of the patient and the need to avoid looking into a state of exertion.

– Regular dental check: prevent infectious endocarditis by oral hygiene, regular dental examinations. Need to remember to take antibiotics before the procedure or dental treatment.

– Compliance with medical regimens: a checkup appointments and prescription medication.

– For women, pregnancy is a burden to heart, should consult with your doctor when to get pregnant.

If you are pregnant, cardiologist, obstetrician will be closely monitoring the patient’s condition during pregnancy, birth and after birth.

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